With Compliments to the Great American Shamans of Folk Music (And Later, Rock And Roll)

It’s been a long, long wander,

Lost deep in the twilight -

My feet lost their feel for the ground.

But lately I'm thinking

It’s about time I got right;

Stopped hearing the sights,

Started seeing the sounds.

There’s fire inside me

That's constantly burning,

So I melt, fall apart at the seams.

And so, now dissembled,

I lie tossing and turning,

Trying to forget my thoughts,  

and remember my dreams. 


I’ve seen the temptations,

Been tortured by demons,

I’ve wandered the desert alone.

But in this same sickness,

I’ll find my salvation;

Time to gather these stories,

And carry them home 


I’m increasingly certain

That magic surrounds me

The universe spins like a wheel.

Whether fucking or fighting,

I’m secretly learning,

That the dark and the light

Are both part of the deal.